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Water management

Introducing innovative solutions in the field of drinking water and wastewater. Substance and energy balance, online measurement, analysis, simulation and advanced process control.

Grant consultancy

Our goal is to find the most suitable subsidy title for you and evaluate whether you have a realistic chance of obtaining a subsidy and guide you successfully through the entire subsidy cycle.


We provide strategic advice on waste management solutions for the city or region. We prepare energy assessments and audits in the field of water management, we specialize in measurements, analyses and simulations in the field of energy.


Implementation of numerical simulations in multi-domain simulator SIMBA#. Balance sheet and process modelling, especially for the water and energy sectors.


Implementation of modern solutions with regard to the digitalization of the water and energy sector. We provide cybersecurity, monitoring and advanced online analytics services.


Our goal is to help you through the entire project cycle and successfully implement your project. We therefore also offer other services necessary for the success of the project.

About us

The company was founded in December 1994. The company has been actively involved in the preparation of EU-subsidised projects from the very beginning, primarily for major environmental investments. Gradually, the company systematically expanded its activities not only to the area of project processing (applications for subsidies), but also to the entire period of project preparation, implementation and monitoring. The company’s employees are also actively involved in various forms of lectures, training, teaching and publishing. In its activities, the company cooperates flexibly with specialized companies or consultants for specific areas, if the project requires it. The company knows in detail not only the situation in the Czech Republic, but thanks to its activities in the whole of Europe it is able to transfer experience from other countries and vice versa into its services. The company provides services such as. in Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, and also cooperates with partners in Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Germany and Canada.


Here are some of the projects we have helped our clients to implement

Preparation of a water audit
Waste management Brno
Waste prevention in Brno
Wastewater treatment plant study
Hot water heat exchanger station SAKO and power output
Protection of the waters of the Dyje river basin
Optimisation of WWTP operation
Waste Management Brno II
Water protection of the Dyje river basin II

Where can you find us?

Milady Horákové 323/12
602 00 Brno

Company Headquarters

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